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The Socialist Library & Archives (SOLAR) has its origin in the “Combined Archives and Libraries of Edwin Madunagu & Bene Madunagu, a product of the joint life of Edwin Madunagu and Bene Madunagu since 1973. It went through several combinations, affiliations, names and revolutionary uses and deployments since December 1975, at the birth of the Revolutionary Directorate (RD).

The last deployment was made in 1996 when the Combined Archives and Libraries were lent to a programme, Conscientising Nigerian Male Adolescents (CMA) and extended in 2000 when the lending was extended to the Calabar International Institute for Research, Information and Documentation (CIINSTRID).

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Chido Onumah — Author, We Are All Biafrans

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Edwin Madunagu @75

Edwin Ikechukwu Madunagu who turns 75 on May 15 has been a consistent voice for the radical transformation of Nigeria in the last five decades. For this reason, comrades, friends, associates, and students, will organise a conference on the theme, “Progressive Politics as the Answer to the National Question: Problems and Prospects,” to celebrate this revolutionary icon, Marxist, mathematician, journalist and public intellectual.

This tribute is a reflection on what Edwin Madunagu, popularly called Eddie by friends and comrades, means to me, to Nigeria and the international socialist movement. Eddie has been described by one of his contemporaries and closest comrades, Biodun Jeyifo, Emeritus Professor of African and African American Studies and Comparative Literature at Harvard University, as “the greatest materialist historian and archivist of socialism and the Left in Nigeria’s political history.”

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